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We’re here to support you and your client source positive outcomes.

Assessment Hub works with a broad range of medical consultants with a specific focus on medico legal assessments. We have a demonstrated track record of fast report delivery, robust reports, and positive examinee experiences. Our team has years of industry experience and can help you to triage your client’s case. We have a strong focus on consultants in current clinical practice and providing evidence based opinions.

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Assessments And Reports

Offering a comprehensive range of services for the medico legal industry.


What To Expect

Assessments are conducted by trusted expert medical specialists in a friendly and supportive environment.



We aim to bring you the right medico legal specialist in each and every case.

Medico legal Reports Delivered Monthly

Business Days Turnaround Or As Agreed To Deliver

Medical Consultants Available

Locations Available Across Australia

How AssessmentHub Works

Determine the best method of assessment. This could be a face-to-face consultation, a telehealth assessment, or a file review.

Our team selects the most appropriate accredited consultant. Once an assessment has been booked, you will receive a confirmation email.

All documentation is provided (ideally) 7 days prior to the assessment to allow the consultant sufficient time.

The assessment will go ahead, the consultant will dictate their report and the voice file will be sent to the typists. The draft report is sent to the consultant

The report is then reviewed by our trained quality assurance team before being issued to the client with the invoice.

AssessmentHub is a national provider, aiming to provide the right medical and allied health specialists in each and every case