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IME Reports

IME – Independent Medical and Allied Health Examination

Our team of respected medical and allied health professionals ensure the right expert in every case. As a point of difference, we aim to deliver an independent report by a specialist doctor, or leading allied health professional whom balances medico legal assessment with ongoing clinical practice. If you have a particular medical or allied health expert you wish to engage, we will do everything in our power to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

We prioritise examinee experience so that every individual feels they have been thoroughly and fairly assessed. We offer a range of flexible assessment options such as in-clinic face to face assessments and telehealth consultations from any location including the examinee’s home.

We pride ourselves on a high standard of quality assurance by engaging legally trained industry professionals to qualify reports and support our medical team. We aim to minimise business disruption with fast report production as well as offering urgent reports agreed at the time of booking. We cater to all Australian jurisdictions and believe that no examinee should be restricted by location. AssessmentHub has extensive rural and regional coverage powered by a team that go above and beyond.

Assessments & Reports

Assessments & Reports

EP – Estate Planning

FFD – Fitness for Duty/Employment/Work

FCE – Functional Capacity Evaluation

MMI – Maximum Medical Improvement

OT ADLs – Occupational Therapy Activities of Daily Living

OT LTP – Occupational Therapy Lifetime Planning

OT IME – Occupational Therapy IME/medico legal

OT WC – Occupational Therapy Work Capacity

TPD – Total Permanent Disability

VC – Vocational Capacity

V-ECA – Vocational Earning Capacity

V-EMP – Vocational Employability

WPI – Whole Person Impairment

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Specialists Nationwide

AssessmentHub has medical and allied health specialists located in all states and territories and or available to undertake assessments nationwide. Our assessment can be performed in one or more of these places:

At home – in the examinee’s homeAt the desk – paper-based file reviewsIn-clinic – the specialist’s roomsOnsite – at the workplace, a prison, or as requiredVia Telehealth – video call or conferencing


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  • Attentive, Timely Customer Service
  • Block Bookings
  • Class Action Assessments
  • Complex Paper-Based File Reviews
  • Correctional Facility, Prison Visits
  • Customised In-house Education
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Legal Quality Assurance of Reports
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Legal Quality Assurance of Reports
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Assessment & Reports
  • Niche Specialist Procurement
  • Deferred & Extended Payment Terms

  • Regulatory Pricing
  • Supplementary Comments & Reports
  • Telehealth Assessments
  • (TPD) Medical Attendance Certificates