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For over 25 years, the team at AssessmentHub has aimed at best practice, provided continuous support to the personal injury industry, delivering clinically balanced, evidence-based and timely medico legal IME assessments and reports, nationwide.
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Meet Our Team

Chas Wilkinson

Managing Director
With a focus on quality across all areas of the business and its interaction with customers and clients, Chas brings a unique set of business skills, industry knowledge and life experience to bear. 

Having built sister provider PrudenceOT into a recognised national provider of medico legal Occupational Therapy reports, in 2017, Chas established AssessmentHub, a one stop medico legal provider with a vision to deliver a point of difference in customer service, the examinee experience and the specificity and quality of assessment and reports procured and provided. In the course of time, Chas has  worked on developing long term relationships with legal and insurance law professionals and positioned the business as a recognised and respected provider of medico legal reports.  

Away from the personal injury industry, Chas has held leadership roles as a long standing president of a state league Aussie Rules club and more recently as a vice president of a small community-based football club, and boasts a passion for community-based volunteering, exploring the natural environment and skiing. 

Mark C.

Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager
Mark has worked in the personal injury environment for over 25 years. He is experienced with complex technical and litigated presentations in personal injury law and within the criminal jurisdiction where the injury is involved specifically in psychiatric presentations.

Mark has completed an MBA and now fulfills roles for businesses seeking to integrate, service, and harmonise their organisation with compliance and regulatory frameworks in the personal injury, medical negligence, and compensation environments. Whilst undertaking these roles Mark has empowered and educated staff in improving customer service resulting in increased sales

Christine Eloff

Principal Occupational Therapist

Christine has more than 15 years of experience as a Senior Occupational Therapist during which she has gained clinical exposure working in England, South Africa, and Australia.

She has dedicated more than 4 years working in public and private hospitals providing services to clients with various medical conditions or illnesses including burns, orthopaedic injuries, complex trauma injuries, oncology, and stroke.

As the Principal Occupational Therapist and primary reviewer, Christine is tasked with ensuring we follow a consistently high standard of clinical governance across our services while supporting our team of experts in their formalising their clinical reasoning.

Angela Sargo

Account Manager
Angela is an experienced operations and accounts officer with a long history in medico legal administration. Angela has been with the business for more than 8 years, overseeing the consistently high quality of our services, strong relationships with our referrers, and sharing her wealth of knowledge with the wider team.

Our Approach

Our AHub Support Team is focused on supporting our clients from start to finish, working seamlessly with our Executive to provide the right specialist for each and every case.